Thursday, 8 April 2010

San Miguel de Tucuman

San Miguel de Tucuman or as it is normally referred to, 'Tucuman' is the eponymous capital of Tucuman Province and the largest city in northern Argentina.

Tucuman is not a particularly exciting city to look at but, nevertheless, Tucuman is of extreme importance to Argentine culture.

There are a few beautiful colonial buildings to visit, the most famous of which is the City Hall (Casa de Gobierno) which is lit up at night. Other places of interest include the Museo Folklorico Manuel Belgrano which displays artifacts from Indigenous cultures in the region, Casa del Obispo Colombres, an 18th Century House with agricultural exhibits, Le Mercad Church, Independence House (where independence from Spain was first declared) and Timoteo Navarro Museum on 9 de Julio.

In Spring the city is overwhelmed with blossoming flowers and is often referred to as 'the garden of the Republic'. Tucuman is also famous for its intellectual and artistic contributions to Argentine culture. The National University of Tucuman has  taught a number of  people who later went on to fame such as Mercedes Sosa (folk singer), Tomas Eloy Martinez (author) and Miguel Lillo (botanist). Tucuman has two large theatres and several small independent theatres that offer a wide variety of performances.

The city of Tucuman sits on the slopes of the Aconquija mountains and is surrounded by an amazing diversity of scenery. Nearby is the incredible moonscapes of the Quebrada de Cafayate. In many ways, Tucuman is the gateway city to the High Andean destinations of Argentina. As such, Tucuman is a great place to organise activity adventures. In the nearby countryside you can go on organised tours to do such activities as mountain biking, trekking, horse back riding, rappelling (abseiling) and rafting.


There a few backpacker hostels in Tucuman. They all offer guest use kitchens, dorm beds or private rooms and offer excursions. Tucuman Hostel is recommended. It is both near the bus station and the center of town. The manager speaks good English and everyone working there is friendly. The rooms are simple but clean. There's 24 hour security and a garden with a pool at the back. A dorm bed at Tucuman Hostel costs $10


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  1. What a great city. My friend Carlos (foreign exchange student who lived with my family in the early 80's) lives there with his family. I stayed there and enjoyed the great colonial city. Several things that were noticable compared to Buenas Aries,..much more poverty, WARMER,,..and nice people. We spent most of our time (7 days) outside of the city int he mountains, but the restaurants were good and very affordable with the exchange rate. I always say that a travel to Argentina is something not to miss. It doesn`t matter which city you are visiting, everything is magical.
    I loved it and I hope you will too!